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Barn Quilt Painting Workshop

We are so excited to be presenting this  workshop at with Artistic Innovations!
In this class you will paint a full-size outdoor barn quilt that is either 2, 3 or 4 foot barn quilt. Prices vary depending on the size. You do not need to be an artist and you do not need a barn to put it on-they go everywhere! Many designs, colors and levels of complexity to choose from in class. We only use the best outdoor materials-our barn quilts are not made of wood so they will never decay.
Do your have your heart set on a particular pattern? If so text it to Rose Mapel at 308-529-8992 and we will get back to you on if we will be able to draw it out for you. We can let you know the details once we see the design.
You will need to bring yellow Delicate Frogtape (1.41 in. middle width preferably), a hair dryer and an extension cord.
To attend you must register online at:…/barn-quilt…

If it is 1 week from the event please call or text us for availability at 308-529-8992.

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Jul 09 2023


1:00 pm - 4:00 pm