Scrapbooking 101: Imagine and Create with Embellishments

Just about any item you find can be used to add texture and flare to your scrapbooking designs.  Embellishments go on and on and the only thing that will stand in your way, is your imagination.  Here more ideas for you add to your creations!

61. Hinges

Hinges are used to make pop up windows. However, by using hinges, you can make more permanent and stronger pop up windows made of wood. Generally the hinges are anchored to eyelets for increased support. Hinges are available at any local hardware store.

62. Moldable Foam

Moldable foam allows you to create anything your imagination and talent allow. You can create three dimensional object or you can create three-dimensional borders or backgrounds. This technique looks great on children’s artwork and in educational scrapbooks.

Moldable foam can also be made into three-dimensional hearts or doves for wedding scrapbooks or personalized items for graduation scrapbooks. You can even use moldable form to make your own rubber stamps.

Moldable foam is available at most craft stores in a variety of different colors.

63. Buttons

Buttons can be added to pop up windows for effect or to educational scrapbooks as a learning device. Adding buttons to a scrapbook page can as simple as adding a ready-made button. However, you can also create customized buttons that match your background or general color scheme.

Bazzill paper is great for this purpose. Simply wrap a readymade button with the paper. These buttons can then be gluedor tied onto your scrapbook page with thread or embroidery cotton.

64. Charms

Metal charms aid a unique personalized element to scrapbook pages. Charms are available in all sorts of sizes and shapes to fit nearly any theme. In this way, charms can be added to memento, graduation, or gift scrapbooks to create a personalized feeling to the page.

There are several ways to attach charms to your page. One way to attach metal charms is by sewing the charms directly onto your page with thread or embroidery cotton. This method works well on scrapbooks with fabric backgrounds.

Another method is to string wire through the charm and attach both end of the wire to secure eyelets. The ends of the wire are then pushed into the background where it is hidden from view.

A third method is to glue the charm directly onto the scrapbook page. Most regular glues do not work on metal.

However, check out your local hardware store for metal glues or contact cement. These specialty products will work just fine.

65. Homemade Paper

For a unique background, try using homemade paper. This will add a wild look to your scrapbook page and is especially nice for children’s books and artwork.

You can make your own customized paper of any color and texture you want. This takes a bit of time and effort.

Alternately, soak a piece of cardstock. After a few minutes, crumple the paper a bit and then iron it flat again. This will closely approximate the appearance of homemade paper. Homemade paper is also available at most crafts stores.

66. Homemade Paper

Embellishments Candy and soap molds can be used to make embellishments with that homemade paper look. These embellishments can be used as an added touch for baby announcements, children’s artwork, or elegant gift books depending on the shape and size.

Simply, mix water and cardstock in a blender. Then, squeeze the excess water out of the paper and press the mixture in any candy or soap mold. To make a thicker item, just add more pulp to each mold. Allow the mixture to dry overnight before use.

67. Other Types of Paper

There are various types of paper that can be used for backgrounds or journal entries for various effects. For instance, rice paper is a fine paper that can add elegance to a scrapbook page. Conversely, papyrus is a coarse almost wood like paper creating an exotic feel to a scrapbook page.

Be aware, however, that some of these paper alternates are extremely difficult to work with, break easily, and may not preserve well.

68. Woven Backgrounds

A woven background can create a natural feel or color to your scrapbook page. Weaving can be done using fabric, yarn, straw, or reeds. This adds a handicraft or outdoor feeling to your scrapbook.

Simply alternate horizontal and vertical threads over and under. If you are using straw, bark, or reeds, be aware that these materials do not preserve well.

69. Wood Backgrounds

Use your imagination and creativity to explore new materials for backgrounds. Some interesting wood like materials include bamboo, pop sickle sticks, and pieces of wood. These can add a playful, exotic, or outdoor feel to your scrapbook.

Be aware, however, that some of these media alternates are extremely difficult to work with, break easily, and may not preserve well.

70. Magnetic Sheets

Magnetic sheets and magnetized photo albums can be use as backgrounds. Often these sheets have an adhesive strip on one side to promote adherence to even nonmetal objects. Magnetic sheets are best used in children’s educational scrapbooks or other scrapbooks that will be used and reused several times. Magnetic sheets and magnetized photo albums can be found at your local craft or office supplies store.